Cupboards , 2007
Lambada Photograph (48 x 56 x 3 inches)
Courtesy of Randall Scott Gallery, New York

Staircase, 2007
Lambada Photograph (48 in x 56 in x 3 in)
Courtesy of Randall Scott Gallery, New York


Julia Fullerton-Batten’s In Between series portrays teenage women literally suspended between childhood and adulthood. Her subjects appear to be floating as if an unknown force has taken hold of them, pointing to an emotional unsettledness that can accompany this age and its attending sense of powerlessness. Set amongst polished domestic interiors, these individuals appear as an anomaly, awkward and out of place. For this series, Fullerton-Batten worked with young dancers who would be able to achieve the difficult poses, but who were untrained as models.


Julia Fullerton-Batten was born in Germany and grew up in the United States and Germany. When she was sixteen she moved to England. Since then she has traveled extensively throughout the world. After studying photography she worked for Vogue Magazine, London. Since then she has received several international awards for her work.

Images courtesy the artists