Courtesy of the Arts Catalyst, London


his short film documents the projects of the “flying laboratory” organized by The Arts Catalyst with Projekt Atol Flight Operations on parabolic zero gravity flights from Star City, Russia, between 2000 and 2003 (with the MIR Consortium, 2003).

Including: Anjalika Sagar, Ewen Chardronnet, Flow Motion – Eddie George & Anna Piva, Jem Finer, Otolith Group, Trevor Mathison, Vadim Fishkin, Yuri Leiderman, Stefan Gec, Richard Couzins, Kitsou Dubois, Kodwo Eshun, Marceli Antunez Roca, Morag Wightman, Marko Peljhan.

Filmed in Zvezdny Gorodok, Russia.


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Image courtesy of MIR Campaign 2003. Commissioned by The Arts Catalyst 2003